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Welcome to K9 Clippers & Mia's Pantry 

Home-Based Pet Grooming

Keep your furry friends clean and well-groomed with the help of K9 Clippers in Elkridge, Maryland. Linette offers dog grooming and sitting services. She treats all pets with care and compassion— handling one at a time and doesn’t cage them, so they are free to roam around. She offers clients express service and she’s open to accommodate them even beyond business hours.

About Linette Salter

She is a talented groomer and naturally compassionate towards animals. On her free time, she volunteers at pet shelters. Professionally equipped, Linette has a certification in Pet First Aid and CPR. In addition, she holds AKC salon certification.

Mission Statement

K9 Clipper’s goal is to provide high-quality care at an affordable price. Linette, shows her love to animals by putting extra devotion to her services. She wants every pet to feel safe every time they visit for a bath, grooming or sitting.



Bath, Ear Cleaning, Teeth brushing, and Nail Trim and filing and haircut

  • $40.00 Dogs Under 30 lbs.
  • $50.00 Dogs 31 to 60
  • $60.00 Dogs 61 and up

Bath, Ear Cleaning, Teeth brushing, and Nail Trim and filing

  • $ 25.00 for Dogs Under 30 lbs.
  • $ 35.00 Dogs 31 to 60 lbs.,
  • $ 45.00 Dogs 61 lbs. and up

We Also Offer the Following Treatments:

  • De-Shedding Bath
  • Flea and Tick Bath
  • Deep Conditioner for Dry, Itchy Skin

  • Nails Trim and Filed ($8.00)

Massage Therapy Includes Bath

  • Under 30 lbs. ($45.00)

  • 31 lbs. to 60 ($55.00)
  • 61 lbs. and up ($65.00)

Benefits of Dog Massage

By Canada Vetexpress

  • Relaxes body and promotes toxin release
  • Speeds the essential nutrients intake to cells and tissues
  • Releases body’s own endorphins, which are natural relaxants and painkillers
  • Increases supply of oxygen to the cells
  • Helps canines and felines suffering from muscle spasms and soreness to be relieved from pain
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Revs up blood and lymph circulation
  • Increases rejuvenation
  • Boosts the recovery process after a medical procedure
  • Prevents muscle and bone injuries
  • Helpful to senior dogs and cats, who develop variety of health issues due to aging process
  • Helps recover faster from an injury
  • Keeps the musculoskeletal system in the best condition
  • Increases the comfort levels of geriatric animals
  • Enhances athletic performance and recovery
  • Helps fight against aging disease such as arthritis
  • Enhances pet’s body ability to remove metabolic waste
  • Promotes touch and bonding
  • Addresses the whole body system, making it work better
  • Promotes the overall well-being of pets
K9 Clippers

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